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The submission process

Please read the submission instructions below then click here to access the EasyChair submission system to submit your abstract.

Submission involves the following phases:

a) Setting up an EasyChair account (unless you already have an EasyChair account)

b) Abstract Submission

c) Full Paper Submission

d) Full Paper Re-Submission (in cases where reviewers request changes to the paper).

Committee members will review all submissions and only those accepted during the preceding phase will progress to the next. All submissions and reviews for this conference will be facilitated via the online EasyChair system. This system allows you as the author to submit your abstract and paper and receive responses from reviewers. In order to use the system, you will need to set up an EasyChair account.

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is OPEN. Please access the EasyChair submission facility for abstract submissions here.

Please note:  Abstracts should be between 150 and 200 words and submitted using the online system by entering the information into the fields provided online only. Please do not upload an abstract as a document.

Please do not upload a paper before the abstract is accepted.

Authors will be informed of the abstract review decisions within 10 days.

Full paper submission

Full paper submission will be facilitated via EasyChair for authors of accepted abstracts.

Please submit your paper via the EasyChair submission system as a PDF file strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Download the Word instructions via this link.

Link to the submission system

The authors and International Program Committee members can access the submissions via the EasyChair system here.

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