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Although small in size, Croatia offers a lot in terms of landscape and natural beauties. In fact, it is famous for the diversity of its land. To a visitor enjoying lowlands, the plains that can be found in Pannonia will no doubt be interesting, while for the one enjoying climbing and hiking, the central part of Croatia, with its captivating mountain ranges, might be more appealing. It goes without saying that the magnificent coast with more than a thousand islands is to everyone’s taste. Interestingly, on only 56,000 square meters of land and 130 square meters of water, there are eight protected national parks and eleven nature parks known for their exceptional beauty.

Besides its natural diversity, Croatia’s rich cultural heritage makes every step through this beautiful country a truly unique experience. It is enough to consider the fact that as many as its seven cultural phenomena are included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Combine that with browsing through numerous museums, galleries and churches or attending some of Croatia’s various music, film and theatre festivals and you will understand why this small but rich country is currently one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

An inspiration to both artists and inventors, it therefore comes as no surprise that Croatia is the homeland of the tie, an essential part of the business dress code, the ballpoint pen invented by Penkala, the fingerprint identification system, introduced by Josip Vucetic, and the parachute invented by Faust Vrancic.

As you can see, although small in size, Croatia is really big in terms of its offers, both for its inhabitants and visitors.

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